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We originally proposed plans for the redevelopment of Lichfield town centre when Lichfield District Council invited interested parties in May 2004 to make representations and submit bids for the development of the Friarsgate Scheme.

The first planning proposal was determined in December 2006 planning reference 06/00555/FULM and this was subsequently revised by a minor amendment which was determined in May 2011 planning Reference 11/00098/FULM.

Neither of the above schemes were implemented primarily due to the economic climate at that time. We have worked hard to revise the scheme so that it better reflects the current market conditions and provides the best mixed-use scheme for Lichfield city. The size and scale of the latest scheme is more appropriate for Lichfield and will complement and build on its existing retail and leisure offer. The mix of uses will increase retail activity, footfall and dwell time within Lichfield. This in turn will help retain existing shoppers and also attract new shoppers/visitors which will benefit the exiting retail on Bakers Lane along with the wider retail and leisure offer in Lichfield.

The current proposal has also been provisionally awarded a grant of £2.66m from Stoke-on-Trent and Stafforshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

In brief, the main changes to the scheme are:-

  • No anchor store is being provided
  • The number of residential units proposed is now 93 instead of a maximum of 65
  • The car park is reduced in size to 490 spaces minimum
  • No hotel is to be provided
  • There are to be no offices in the scheme (previously envisaged that there was to be 5000 sq ft offices)
  • A change in the overall size of the scheme and the following table gives a resume of the contents of the original consented scheme, the minor amendment scheme and the current proposal.

The planning application for the scheme has now been submitted. To view the planning application, please visit the Lichfield District Council website.


Scheme Composition Original Planning
Approval (2006)
Last planning
approved scheme
(minor amendment) (2011)
Public Consultation scheme
(July 2015)
Planning Application scheme
(Nov 2015)
Retail / restaurant / Leisure 27,246 sqm 26,149 sqm 14,472 sqm 15,156 sqm
Cinema 1 (2,407 sqm) 1 (2,450 sqm) 1 (1,897 sqm) 1 (2,070 sqm)
Car park 687 spaces 685 spaces 505 spaces Circa 500 spaces
Hotel 1 (83 beds) 1 (81 beds) 0 0
Shop Mobility Unit 1 1 1 1
New bus station 1 1 1 1
Offices 483 sqm 456 sqm N/A N/A
Residential Dwellings 56 52 95 93
Total commercial floor space 30,136 sqm 29,055 sqm 16,369 sqm 17,226 sqm
Total residential 3,869 sqm 4,898 sqm 7,681 sqm 7,564 sqm
Total overall development 34,005 sqm 33,953 sqm 24,050 sqm 24,790 sqm


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